With four registered herds of four different breeds (Angus, Scotch Shorthorn, Ayrshire and Yorkshire), Mr. Studer with sons, Paul, Ben Jr., Nate and Mark farms 900 of the 1200 acres using four sets of buildings and three tenant houses.

Studer herd is known for its moderate-sized females. You would have to walk quite of few pastures at Studer’s before you see one that is not. This uniformity comes from many years of selecting females for moderate size, easy keeping and functional females.


Studer Shorthorns merchandise their seedstock through private treaty sales, an annual production sale and the web. The cattle are designed to meet the criteria of diverse set of buyers.


Studer Shorthorns began under the watchful eye of Ben Studer, Dale’s grandfather. Now five generations later, the agricultural roots Ben placed in Iowa and in his family are still active and growing. Dale remains at the helm of the Studer Shorthorn operation providing a no-nonsense, honest approach in the seedstock and cattle industries. The focus for four generations is on cattle that will work for both commercial and seedstock producers.

2125 125th Street
Creston, IA 50801
Dale: 641.344.8035
Anita: 641.344.1435
Home: 641.782.2286
Email: studershorthorns@yahoo.com

1209 Jaguar Avenue
Creston, IA 50801
Nate Cell: 641.344.8487
Email: nastuder@hotmail.com

3014 130th Street
Creston, IA 50801
Jenny Cell: 319.530.3056

Box 53
Wesley, IA 50483
Home: 515.341.6846


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